New Story: "Amorpho & The Leering Freak"

The new issue of F(r)iction Magazine is available, which includes my story Amorpho & The Leering Freak. There’s a strange circus, there’s a wee bit of body horror, and it’s the closest thing to a romance that I’ve written so far.

I can’t speak highly enough of Kaley Kiermayr, the editor I worked with, who helped me shape the story of identity and connection that I wanted to tell. The revision process occurred during a particularly difficult time on the mental health front, and I’m grateful for her patience and understanding in addition to her narrative insights.

You can read it online here:

Forthcoming Story

My short story "The Questioning Bell" will be appearing in an upcoming issue of Metaphorosis Magazine. Friendship and the fear of death and a cursed bell plaguing the city.